hi, i'm haley.

Welcome! I'm sure you've poked around my work a bit... and now you're here to see the person behind it all. Well, there's a lot to tell but I'll give you a quick summary.

At my core, I'm a problem-solver. That's how I approach my creative work. Whether it's a rebranding project, website, social media strategy or print design, I always start with one question: What can I do to make this project the most impactful? Big or small, designs should be built upon creative and intentional strategies.


I started my career in photography and visual graphic design but quickly immersed myself in other surrounding fields. I took every opportunity to learn print production, 2D animation, art direction, UX-based web design, digital marketing strategy, and video production. Yeah, it's a little ambitious for seven years. I tend to avoid the term "jack-of-all-trades" because it can be a negative quality. However, I've found that extending my understanding of these other skills has enhanced my overall design skills.

NN/g UX Certified

Oct 2016 + License #1015568


Social Network MD

Creative Director  +  Jan 2019–present

Senior Graphic Designer  +  May 2018–Jan 2019

MVO Marketing

Graphic Designer  +  June 2017–May 2018

Cady Studios

Art Director  +  June 2016–Mar 2017

Graphic Design Manager  +  Aug 2015–June 2016

Graphic Designer  +  Oct 2014–Aug 2015

Consulate Health Care

Creative Services Designer  +  Apr 2013–Oct 2014


University of West Florida

BA Graphic Design  +  Dec 2012

Northwest Florida State College

AA Art Studies  +  May 2010