Leprechauno Meadery

In addition to my career as a graphic designer and creative director, my husband Randall and I started our own business back in 2015 making mead. 

So, what's mead? It's a honey-based alcoholic beverage that is making a resurgence in the craft beverage scene.

Our partnership is... Randall makes the mead, and I manage the business aspects including marketing, photography, social media, and label design. We both run the taproom together, pouring samples and selling bottles to-go.

I value this business experience so much because I view design decisions through a business owners' eyes. Especially with label design. Pro-Tip: Don't spend $2 per label if you can find a similar effect for $0.70 per label. Randall wanted metallic foil for Asleep in the Deep, so we went with a metallic BOP instead of foil-pressed to keep costs down. Does it look just as cool? We think so.

You may be asking yourself "does this girl ever sleep?" and the answer is... sometimes. I stay busy all the time, but I'm making the most of my life and that makes me happy.