Traffic Safety

Managing design projects is one of my favorite things, after designing myself. We received content from our digital marketing specialist to upgrade the page and the design team got to work.


A website design should always start with content. It drives the design helps dictate how we should display information. 


I received the first draft from the designer.

They were provided with a content outline and graphics from the previous website and asked to redesign. My initial thoughts where that the sections were blocky, yet the content was lacking structure. 


I started by highlighting that I enjoyed the length of the page, but that the content felt disjointed because of the gray boxes and unusual bullet list. I responded with some notes, drawings, and encouragement to break away from the preexisting arrow header.


The revised design I received was miles better than the previous design. Referencing my notes and sketch, the content flows much more smoothly, and the zig-zag pattern helps draw the eye in. The use of icons also helps create intrigue. I was very happy with this evolution.