Internal Web Design Process

When I first started at SNMD, the company was in the beginning stages of developing internal processes. As a senior graphic designer, I received first-hand experiences of successes in web design, but mostly failures. There were websites published without content, low res images placed in backgrounds, and often we'd need to readjust images over and over to fit development specs. 

Using Photoshop, the design process was painful. The larger the websites, the larger the PSD files and our computers started to crash often.

With a web developer and marketing director to consult, I took on the responsibility of rethinking the web design process and how we can work more efficiently. 

My first decision was to invest in Sketch, a modern UX-friendly design software used by many other agencies. There are many tools in Sketch that I now cannot live without – Symbols, Font Styles, and Exportable Elements. We added on Zeplin as a tool to communicate our designs to developer's language, helping them ace the design through code.

Then in spring of 2019, we brought on an SEO digital marketing guru who helped structure the best practices for content and keyword strategy.

With our new strategy, we reduced the amount of time to complete a new website from 4+ months to 30–90 days. Plus, our SEO rankings are higher from the start and our customers are reaching goal completions at a more competitive rate. This process will evolve as we do, but I'm proud of the 1.5 years I spent learning and improving.